Two years of academic education take place in one of the most advanced distance learning platforms worldwide, at the University of Strasbourg, CEIPI. It is comprised of eight University Certificates on IP-Management, which can be acquired in four semesters, alongside work under continuous supervision and accompaniment. The lecture time of a certificate course corresponds to ten teaching units of 1.5 hours each during semesters. In addition to the lecture movies, participants will also receive self-study material, tutorials, collaborative exchange, feedback and a continuous monitoring of their learning progress. In one academic year, four certificate courses must be completed, equivalent to about 60 hours of lessons or 1.5 hours of teaching and learning per week during the semester. The content and learning targets of all eight certified university courses is shown above.

1st Academic Year

2nd Academic Year

Hard Facts

Language English
Fee per Certificate 6500 Euro
START 01.10.
Duration 2 years
Prerequisite Bachelor’s degree
Target group
IP practitioners in companies and law firms, innovation experts and digital experts
Degree University Diploma of the University Strasbourg, CEIPI

New registrations are possible in September 2023

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