The University Certificate Courses are provided through one of the most advanced distance learning platforms worldwide, at the University of Strasbourg, CEIPI. Participants are flexible in their education. Learning without time pressure, as well as with a job and family are possible. With the modular system of these Certificates, participants can learn only what they currently need or strive for the Diplôme Universitaire IP Business Administration after completing all eight courses. Every Certificate can be attended as a stand-alone course. All courses refer to each other in terms of content, management skills and practice implications. From the consistent glossary to examples and explanation style, these certificates provide a comprehensive perspective on every topic but also an up to date overview on modern IP Management. The students benefit from a long-standing teaching practice in IP-Management which has been established at CEIPI since 2005. The worldwide network of Alumni, successful companies and excellent teachers from prestigious universities speak for itself.

These certificates are more than just a delivery of content. They provide a holistic approach on IP Management with solid theoretical basis and prevailing up to date insight in industry practice. These certificate courses help participants to implement the knowledge gained in their daily practice. Successful implementations are presented within published industry case studies. This IP-Management education is academically accredited, neutral, unbiased, and comprehensive industry wide. The courses are based on current research projects with university and industry partners to provide the best knowledge available about successful IP-Management. The provided learning material is optimized for distance learning, and integrated within the whole program. Movies, lectures, scripts, glossaries and additional teaching material are given to ensure, that participants can follow all certificates with integrated and consistent content.

We are convinced: Substantiated knowledge has to be the basis of important decisions. We provide you with vital and essential knowledge, skill foundation, and thoughtful insights for your career in IP-Management

Hard Facts

Language English
Fee for the course 900 Euro
START anytime
Duration 3 months
Prerequisite none
Target group
IP practitioners in companies and law firms, innovation and digital experts
Degree University Certificate of the University Strasbourg, CEIPI


Nr. Title Available
Certificate 1 IP Strategy development now
Certificate 2 IP Valuation I now
Certificate 3 Integrated IP and Innovation Management now
Certificate 4 IP in the industry 4.0 now
Certificate 5 IP Valuation II now
Certificate 6 Quality in Operational IP Management 2024
Certificate 7 IP Portfolio Management and Controlling 2024
Certificate 8 Leadership in IP Management 2024

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