The Rudolf-Diesel-Medal Postgraduate Program is an important tool for promoting a culture of innovation and therefore the underlying idea behind the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal. The Postgraduate Program supports highly qualified graduates in achieving leadership positions in research and industry in order to promote progress on the topics they deal with.

The organisation and structure of the Postgraduate Program, its links to the Board of Trustees of the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal (Dieselkuratorium) via the Decanery, as well as the Technical-Scientific Council guarantee a high quality of doctoral projects and aim to support doctoral candidates in acquiring technical and non-technical qualifications. The Postgraduate Program also assists candidates in completing their doctoral projects in a swift and goal-oriented manner.


Expressly encouraged interdisciplinary and extracurricular skills development activities include:

  • Conception and planning of research and industry projects;
  • project management;
  • Innovation management and knowledge transfer;
  • Understanding of interdisciplinary issues and potential solutions;
  • Soft skills, especially communication skills, ability to accept criticism, analytical skills, self-discipline, ability to deal with conflicts and thinking in personal networks.

The Rudolf-Diesel-Medal Postgraduate Program especially supports interdisciplinary thinking and doctoral projects dealing with such issues. Topics should:

  • Address a relevant current problem with a link to the industrial sector;
  • Combine an innovative question with a similarly innovative solution approach;
  • Demonstrate how the expected effectiveness, success and sustainability of a solution can be achieved.

The doctorate is evidence of the candidate’s ability to independently bring to conclusion a scientific project. A doctorate as part of the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal Postgraduate Program is more than just a purely theory-based qualification for junior scientists. It also aims to lead to a deeper understanding of interdisciplinary issues within the industrial sector which are relevant to industry practice. In addition, it seeks to help doctoral candidates establish themselves within industrial environments via personal networks.

Activity Report 2018 | 2019

We look back on two extraordinarily successful years with a large number of publications, academic activities, graduates and a high impact on the economy.

In our current activity report 2018 | In 2019 we will report in detail on the most ambitious projects.

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Funding of the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal Postgraduate Program

In order to confront the competitive challenges related to innovation, companies need employees who not only have the appropriate qualifications and skills, but can also make an active and creative contribution to shaping the future. Companies must take the initiative when it comes to recruiting the best creative minds.

The Decanery of the Board of Trustees of the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal (Dieselkuratorium) actively supports the Postgraduate Program with funding in order to promote invention. It thereby ensures visibility for innovation and the philosophy behind the Rudolf-Diesel-Medal. In addition, the work of the Postgraduate Program is supported by companies through donations to the research programs.