Digital patents to protect digital business models

The interest in digital patents comes on the one hand from the question of what the economic value of a patent is in digital eco-systems. On the other hand, it stems from the development of digital business models that go hand in hand with technological developments in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0. The digital patent therefore refers to economically relevant, exclusive elements of digital business models.

The starting point for digital patents is the idea that you can systematically capture the structural elements of business models and combine them into complete business models. The value of the patents then follows from the exclusivity in the implementation of these business models through the generation and appropriation of value in the business models. In digital business models, these promising elements need to be defined and protected with digital patents. The digital patents are therefore able to exclude the business model in competition. In addition, several digital patents can be combined in such a way that they form a structure for the systematic protection of business models.

The most precise predictability possible and the planning of possible protective structures through digital patents should be improved through the research projects. The direct consequence of better planning is the systematic increase in the value of patents in digital business models.

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PA Moritz Breitenbach

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