Being an external doctoral candidate on the Diesel Medal Postgraduate Program in IP Management allows you to conduct research on industry-specific topics. External candidates are directly employed by a company and must complete their dissertation during or outside normal working hours within that company (see Supervision Agreement). As an external candidate, you will be employed by your company and receive academic supervision from the University of Strasbourg.

The advantage of being an external candidate is your close proximity to industry practice. The external candidacy is aimed at meeting topic-related personal and industrial needs as well as scientific requirements. Its objective is to enable highly qualified and experienced employees of companies to complete a dissertation project in parallel to their industry activities. This practical relevance and link to a specific area of application will mean, however, that you will not have the same academic freedom as an during an individual doctorate with industrial integration. It is also important to consider your physical proximity to the university and the institute, as this may require a high level of self-organisation and discipline.

The prerequisites are a successfully completed university degree and at least 3 years of professional experience in the field of intellectual property or a similar qualification.

As an external doctoral candidate in IP Management on the Diesel Medal Postgraduate Program, you will initially complete the MIPLM Master’s program. This Master’s program begins in January and ends in June. You must choose the option with a Master’s thesis. This Master’s thesis will serve as scientific preparation for your dissertation project. At the end of the academic year, you will submit your Master’s thesis and enroll for a doctorate in English at the University of Strasbourg.

Application Form – External Doctoral Candidates
Example of a Research Proposal

Good scientific practice
Scientific freedom and good scientific practice go hand in hand. The freedom of science is justified by the quality of its research outcomes for society. This quality is assured by adhering to the principles of good scientific practice. The Diesel Medal Postgraduate Program supports junior scientists in complying with these principles and expects compliance with these principles in return.

Why are these principles important for members of the Postgraduate Program?

  • Because you must avoid scientific misconduct and should ensure scientific integrity.
  • Because you will be closely interacting with and providing support to colleagues, other doctoral candidates and scientists within the scope of the Postgraduate Program.

The memorandum on “Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice” of the Commission of the German Research Association (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) can be downloaded here; Recommendations of the Commission on Professional Self-Regulation in Science.

Please find a summary of the key points here.

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