Compliance of the IP process landscape in the digital transformation of business eco-systems

Compliance describes the corporate practice of adhering to applicable laws and rules. However, due to the change in business models to digital, it is becoming increasingly difficult to rule out patent infringements, for example. The structural elements that make up the digital business models are usually based on a few recombinantly used technical components that are protected by patents. These patents are no longer only held by direct competitors from the market for physical products, but across industry boundaries, for example by global technology groups with extensive patent portfolios. Because the various technological applications are becoming more and more similar and complex, and digital business models are constantly being further developed, there is a significantly greater risk of patent infringements in Industry 4.0 than in the analog-physical world.

These IP-related risks in digitally transforming business ecosystems must be adequately addressed for companies. Especially because value-added partners are required to ensure respect for the rights of third parties, and companies insure this, there is an issue here for compliance, quality and risk management. However, compliance itself can only be proven if proper processes have been implemented in the company and audited by a conformity check. DIN 77006 for quality in IP management, from the DIN ISO 9001: 2015 family of standards, will provide assistance for German companies and serve as a guideline internationally.


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Faisal Alhmoudi

Faisal Abdulla Alhmoudi holds the position of Director of Takamul at the Department of Economy Development (DED). In this role, he is in charge of the design and execution of innovation support initiatives run by the DED, including the Takamul Program. Faisal joined the DED in 2016. Prior to this, he was Senior Manager on the Abu Dhabi Technology Development Committee, where he spent 6 years supporting and developing innovation initiatives for Abu Dhabi across multiple sectors including oil & gas, energy, basic materials, and aerospace. His areas of expertise include innovation, corporate strategy, and business development. Faisal Abdulla Alhmoudi also holds a BSc in Civil & Environmental Engineering (UAE University, Al Ain, UAE, 2001-2006) and a Master of Science in Civil Engineering (UAE University, Al Ain, 2011).

Roland Bittner

Roland Bittner studied electrical engineering with emphasis on control engineering and communications engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. He graduated with a diploma thesis about reactive power compensation in electrical power networks. Since then, he is working for a large German technology and electrical engineering group. He started his career in the field of rolling mill technology and worked for it in Asia and North America. After that he worked in a service department for motion control products for machine tools and production machines. In 2000 he joined the patent department of the company and was trained as a German and European Patent Attorney. He was also trained in US patent law and passed the US patent bar. In 2019 he graduated from the University of Strasbourg, passing the CEIPI Master of Intellectual Property Law and Management.

Guangtao Paul Bu

Having received his bachelor’s degree of Engineering from Dalian Maritime University in 1996 and his first Master degree of Management from EM Strasbourg (former IAE) in 2001, Bu Guangtao worked in China and in France for more than ten years in different industries (Transportation and logistics, Agricultural Equipment, Home Appliances, Shipbuilding …) and was experienced both technically, managerially and legally. Desired for working as legal practitioner notably in international developments of business since the beginning of his career, he has reconverted in Intellectual property laws after succeeding in a long tuition Programs of Patents, Trademarks and designs at CEIPI in 2010 and worked at Plasseraud Law Firm at Paris until 2014. After trained on US patent law in a Virginia based law firm in USA, he joined Hirsch & Partners Law Firm the same year and became Partner in 2015. Parallel to his work at Paris since 2010 at IP Law Firms during which he qualified as European Patent Attorney and passed French and Chinese patent qualification Examinations, Bu Guangtao pursued his studies in Laws and obtained successively a License degree in Private Law at University of Strasbourg, a Master I degree in Business Law at Panthéon Sorbonne Paris 1 University, and the Master of Intellectual Property Law and Management of the CEIPI in 2015.

Martin Salzburger

Martin Salzburger has a background in the automotive industry, worked for Daimler and Volkswagen. For more than 12 years he is IPR-portfolio manager at AIRBUS. He worked in different leading functions for economic exploitation of IP at AIRBUS. He is Engineer by training.