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Trends in digital startups | IP business talk with Mr. Konrath

LinkedIn Live

Steffen Konrath is the CEO of evAI, the winner of the German Startup Trophy in Organizational Intelligence 2021. He is a top-level speaker on the impact of artificial intelligence on management and the business side. Here are the questions that will be discussed in the talk: 1. Some startups start their journey from a developed ...

Live Talk with Dr. Jörn Plettig | Office-Manager ETL IP BERLIN

LinkedIn Live

On 01.06.2022 5PM CEST we will be Live with Dr. Jörn Plettig from ETL-Gruppe and talk about the need of quality standards in IP management and specifically the DIN 77006. Dr. Plettig studied Biology at the Freie Universitaet, Berlin, with special emphasis on genetics, molecular cell- and human biology. He  broadened his knowledge of Life Sciences ...

Live Talk with Mr. Ivan Gauci | SNE at EUIPO, IP Management advocate

LinkedIn Live

How to improve SMEs IP capabilities with prediagnosis | IP business live talk with Mr. Ivan Gauci Ivan Gauci is an intellectual property expert, a marketing strategist and a people person with a diverse commercial experience spanning both the private and governmental sector. His expertise in marketing communications and strategy, project management and financial management ...