Newsletters serve as invaluable tools for communication, keeping individuals informed, engaged, and connected. Typically distributed on a regular basis, newsletters compile and deliver updates, insights, and highlights to a targeted audience. Whether in print or digital format, newsletters cater to diverse purposes, from corporate communications to community engagement and beyond.

In the business realm, newsletters play a pivotal role in internal and external communication. They keep employees abreast of company news, industry trends, and upcoming events, fostering a sense of cohesion and alignment with organizational goals. Externally, newsletters serve as a direct channel to customers, providing product updates, promotions, and valuable content to maintain brand loyalty.

In the digital age, the ease of creating and distributing newsletters has surged, allowing individuals, businesses, and organizations to disseminate information efficiently. Whether conveying news, updates, or insights, newsletters continue to be a versatile and effective means of communication in an ever-evolving media landscape.

A newsletter for IP management

Many IP experts in the IP community at I3PM, the HTB-EPO initiative, and other global IP offices and institutions in national and regional innovation systems have asked Prof. Alexander Wurzer: “where can you be sure not to miss any important IP management content”. In fact, you have to follow a number of interesting feeds  to really keep up with the global developments around IP management. To make this easier he decided to offer his own personal newsletter for IP management. Here you can find the old issues in the archive and also subscribe.

When will you receive the newsletter?

A fresh read with all the important IP Management content will be sent to the subscribers every second Thursday at 7.00 (CET), so you can start your day informed.

The content is personally curated and commented on by Prof. Alexander Wurzer, to ensure that it is indeed the most relevant topics around global IP management from the last two weeks.

This includes the following sections:

The most discussed LinkedIn post

This section presents the most discussed post of the last 2 weeks with the most intense discussion in the community and summarizes the different perspectives given by the discussants. And it also provides background material on the topic of the post.

The LinkedIn overview

This section presents a summary of the most important posts of the last two weeks – What were they about? What was discussed? Why were they important? What changes do we need to prepare for?

Whom to Follow on LinkedIn

This section introduces you to people who are worth following on LinkedIn. What do they write about? What content do they share? Why is it exciting, inspiring and motivating to follow them?

Deep Dive

This section covers the most important IP Business Academy blog post of the last 14 days that you should not miss.

The IP world in a picture

This section will show you an infographic on markets, technology, healthcare, energy or green topics and their relevance to the IP world.

Event tips

This section covers the event tips for the next two weeks. Which events should you not miss, or at least try to catch a recording of?

IP-Management Learning

This section gives you access to educational films and learning materials on various IP management topics.