ASPI (Association des Spécialistes en Propriété Industrielle de l’Industrie), the French association of in-house IP practitioners, organizes a «Café ASPI» webinar directed to IP management standards and trends in the digital era. ASPI was created in 1970 to bring together IP specialists in the French industry. Currently ASPI has more than 500 members, of which the vast majority are IP specialists who provide intellectual property services on behalf of a French employer. Its purpose is to represent its members before national and international authorities, to study IP and related issues, to undertake or participate in any training activities, to establish contacts with similar French or foreign organisations, to issue motions or suggestions in the field of IP and to collect and disseminate useful information relating to the field of IP among its members.

The speaker, Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer, CEIPI, will present the following topics:

  • What are the changes in the objects protected by IP through the digital transformation? – Inventions become more and more digital and immaterial, so patents are more often used to protect digital solutions like apps, use cases, user journeys and business models and not only components of products. Also brands are now protecting themself in digital spaces like the metaverse and on digital platforms.
  • What are the changes in the way IP is used in digital businesses? – In the more connected and collaborative digital worlds IP is less used to prevent other companies from entering a market, but to enable cooperation with other companies in the value chain and even competitors.
  • What are the changes in the interactions between the in-house IP department and other departments and how do IP management standards help to improve them? – In new work environments with more home office work and a more agile working style, it becomes a challenge to organize work and training between different departments. IP management standards help to introduce and maintain processes, which can tackle those challenges.

About the speaker:

Alexander Wurzer is passionate about innovation in the digital age as professor for IP management at CEIPI, the European Center for IP Education and Studies at the University of Strasbourg. He is director of the academic European Patent Office IP management education at CEIPI. As chairman of the working group at DIN for the quality standard in IP management DIN 77006 he is engaged in the global discussion on the progress in Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital Management.
He organizes the CTO Forum, which has been giving Germany’s first general innovation award since 1953, the Rudolf Diesel Medal. He works together with companies with the aim to: “Secure your digital vision”.
Alexander published over 200 publications, many books on the economic use of intellectual property and on the method of IP design that he developed to a significant extent. Plus many case studies on successful IP management and IP design in industry.

This webinar is free and open to everybody and will be held in English.

The «Café ASPI» Webinar will be held on November 9th 2023, from 9.00-10.00

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