Since 2018 I3PM supports the European Patent Office in the non-academic training in the area of IP Management. The cooperation started with the creation of three asynchronous courses about IP strategy, IP evaluation and protection and IP value extraction and commercialisation, which are still offered in the e-learning programs of the European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office. In September 2023 this cooperation is extended with the introduction of synchronous teaching workshops in the framework of the High-growth technology business initiative. In the workshops expert lecturers and mentors from I3PM will help students to better understand the key concepts of IP management and support them in solving IP management case studies. The first event is organized in September about the topic of IP strategy:

IP strategy – unleashing the power of IP for business growth

The workshops are conducted between the following kick-off and closing events:

Kick-off: 12 September 2023 9.30 – 12.30 hrs CET
Closing: 4 October 2023 9.30 – 12.30 hrs CET

Content of the workshop

In a high-growth technology business, effective communication between the general management, the R&D department and the legal division is crucial for the successful valorisation of created IP. This course is designed to equip individuals involved in business decision-making and IP management with the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance their competencies in creating, advancing and implementing an IP strategy.

Participants will learn about different IP strategies and how to apply them to maximise the value of IP assets. The course focuses on value-based strategies for IP creation and extraction that are integrated into the company’s innovation strategy. Through case studies, participants will learn about the five generic IP strategies used in different industries and how to develop a comprehensive 360-degree IP strategy that aligns with their company’s business model.

The speakers

Dr. Dominique Christ is an IP practicioner and strategic thought partner for companies on topics such as IP strategy, innovation and overall business transformation. Dr. Dominique Christ has worked for many years for a leading global top management consulting firm, advising clients on strategic business development and digital transformation. As a Board Member and Managing Director Consulting, he oversees the Dennemeyer Group’s business relationships with the world’s largest companies and is a recognized expert in the further development of IP strategies with the involvement of top management. Dr. Dominique Christ is a trained business lawyer, has completed his MBA in the USA and holds a Spanish lawyer’s title.

Dr. Benjamin Delsol is a European Patent Attorney and strategic business advisor, who helps startups, SMEs and Multinationals create and manage Intellectual Property (IP) rights as a weapon of mass construction to turn their brain juice into money. He provides Patent Attorney and IP Management Services, using a strategic approach to assist clients on several complementary protection axes, to ensure the most efficient business development in a highly competitive world. Benjamin’s expertise in IP management, from conceptualization to execution, helps clients align their IP strategy with their business plans, while also offering commercially relevant advice. His experience spans various fields, including physics, electronics, telecommunications, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Digital (software), Web3, Blockchain, Cryptography, Quantum Computing, Mechanics, Robotics, and Energy. Benjamin is highly connected within the IP community and shares his knowledge as a coach/mentor on LinkedIn and as a university guest lecturer at the CEIPI IP Business Academy. He holds a PhD in Quantum Nano-Electronics and Materials Science, as well as a diploma in cognitive neurosciences.

The tutors

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