Effective process management can help organizations align their business efforts, create efficiencies within workflows and reduce redundancies in operations. There are many strategies process managers can use to improve productivity and streamline processes. Understanding process management and how it works can help you implement management strategies in your own business efforts.

Process management is an action organizations can take to help them achieve its long-term strategic goals. It is a business methodology that may use different techniques, structured approaches and technologies.

To make sure that an organization remains on the right track, process management focuses primarily on outcomes, rather than tasks. It’s an ongoing process, where teams and organizations can constantly look for ways to improve efficiencies and manage processes effectively.

 Sabine Rehaber works as a Project Manager at HGF Limited, one of Europe’s largest firms of Intellectual Property specialists, and is Committee Chair for IP business structure at I3PM International Institute for Intellectual Property Management. Her passions include sustainable societal and organisational change as well as health and human evolution & development. Many years of experience in IP and other industries across 5 countries and in a variety of positions have provided her with a unique range of insights and learning.

Here are some questions that were discussed in the Live Talk:

1 . What does process and project management mean in an IP context?

2 . What kind of methodologies and tools are available in process and project management?

3 . Can those methodologies be applied without endangering the creativity processes of knowledge workers?

4 . Do you need special and new methodologies to manage IP assets?

5 . How to manage processes as an IP expert, e.g. the creation and maintenance of an expert profile on LinkedIn?

Here is the recorded video from the CEIPI IP Business Talk with Sabine Rehaber, Project Manager at HGF Limited, about the best practice in project and process management from 4.10.2023 in full length viewable: