In the IP community, the 360 ° IP strategy with the case studies on the implementation of the IP design approach at the companies Vorwerk, Stöbich, Abus, Wilo, IFM, etc. was very well received. Some of the readers’ opinions are summarized here.

The 360 ° IP strategy comes at the right time. The 4P concept described shows how price enforcement is possible with IP. The methods such as IFPD, VRIN, AEIOU and synthetic invention are comprehensibly explained using practical examples. These tools help to successfully implement the change projects in IP management. I wholeheartedly recommend this book as it clearly illustrates the new direction in IP management.
Cornelis Kees Schüller, Assistant Vice President Group Head of Patents, Nestlé

In this book, Prof. Wurzer presents a paradigm shift in the classic self-image of patent departments and patent attorneys. It is therefore a clear must-have for anyone who deals with the topic of IP strategy in modern, competitive companies. Prof. Wurzer’s aim is to provide instruments that ensure such an innovative performance from the patent department.
Dr. Anneliese Hassenbürger, Senior Patent Attorney Intellectual Property, Novartis Pharma AG

The 360 ° approach requires consistent integration of the IP processes into the innovation process. With this unconventional approach, a 360 ° IP strategy effectively contributes to strengthening the exclusivity position in a differentiation competition. The book includes numerous tried and tested case studies and shows a whole catalog of methods. This makes it a valuable tool for everyone who deals with questions of IP strategy and is ready to leave traditional paths.
Beat Weibel, Vice President Corporate Technology, SIEMENS AG

The central message of the book is that in the age of Industry 4.0, the inventive idea should no longer be the starting point for IP, but rather must be thought of by the customer in IP management. The tools specifically explained appealed to me in particular.
Matthias Knöbel, Head of the Dresden Patent Information Center

The 360 ° IP strategy conveys methodological competence and new impulses for a long-term successful use of IP for all innovative companies. The best practice examples in the book impressively and vividly illustrate the economic advantages that companies can achieve through focused strategy development.
Andrea Bette, IHK Innovation Consulting Hesse

On 258 pages, the authors describe a comprehensible way of how a modern IP strategy is driven by customer benefit and not from the point of view of what is technically possible. The book is a “guide”, “methodology” and “practical manual” for the targeted design of IP in a company. Worth reading and imitating.
Dr. Hanns-Peter Tümmler, Senior Patent Council, Aesculap AG

New and extremely valuable for management, R&D or the patent department, for example, is the direct link between customer benefits, prototype technology and the resulting patent portfolio, which is what makes market exclusivity and price premium possible. A “must” for every company that lives from innovation and growth – especially in the context of the opportunities and risks of digitization.
Dr. Axel Neidlein, patent attorney, Cohausz & Florack

Supported by practical examples, the authors show ways and means of how comprehensive strategies can be used to sustainably optimize the company’s added value.
Theodor Nyfeler, Head Patent and Technology Searches, Eidgenössisches Institut für Geistiges Eigentum

Methods and tools that can be used immediately in practice and have since proven themselves several times, which allow companies to sustainably enforce sales prices with intellectual property that would otherwise not be achievable. A must for decision-makers in the digital and global economy and those working in commercial legal protection.
Axel Mittelstedt, lawyer, LADM Liesegang Aymans Decker Mittelstaedt & Partner


You can order the book here: The 360 ° IP Strategy