The registration for the 3rd edition of CEIPI’s advanced training program on “Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property”, 23-25 April 2020 has opened. Following the very successful first two editions (2018 and 2019) with a high number of AI and IP professionals coming from Europe, Brazil, Canada, the United States, China and Malaysia including senior officials from renowned institutions the third edition aims to answer the pressing questions on the intersections of IP law, IP policy and ethics regarding AI.

AI and robots have been the subject of science fiction for some time. That fictional future is now a present reality. The regulation of AI’s activities is set to become a primary policy issue. In particular, AI’s disruptive effects on traditional business models will force a re-consideration of the IP framework. Today, AI and algorithms write news and novels, generate artworks, write and perform music. Automated intelligence can drive innovation processes on its own initiative. AI challenges the most traditional IP legal notions, such as “copying”, “originality”, “creator”, “author”, or “inventiveness”. Can a robot be an author? Can a robot be an inventor? Can a robot co-author a work with human intelligence? Who owns AI generated works or inventions? Should AI’s inventions be considered prior art? Who owns the dataset from which an artificial intelligence must learn? Who should be liable for creativity and innovation generated by AI, if they impinge upon others’ rights or other legal provisions? This training program will explore these thorny questions by dissecting legal, policy and ethical issues concerning AI impact on creativity and innovation. This training program should be of interest to creative economies and high-tech professionals and entrepreneurs, attorneys, policy makers, judges, and students.

The content and time schedule of the training program can be accessed here.

For information regarding the application procedure and the tuition fees, please have a look at the official webpage. Please contact Ms. Isabelle Mahoudeau for administrative questions/registration ( and Mr. Giancarlo Frosio for questions related to the academic content of the program (