The IP systems are heavily affected by the digital transformation in multiple ways. First, the objects protected by IP change. Objects are becoming more digital and intangible, and this requires a different approach to decide, what a business should protect exactly. Second, the way how IP is used changes. IP is used less for the pure protection of a product and more to invite collaboration on open platforms and licensing. And third, the way how companies and IP experts interact changes. IP experts are asked by clients more and more to offer additional and more digital services in addition to prosecution. And this is exactly the reason, why modern law firms are required to keep in touch digitally with their clients, e.g. with a digital Content Portal. The current state of the digital transformation of the IP systems was shown in a keynote at the IP-Dagen in Oslo on 9.11.2022 by Prof. Alexander Wurzer, CEIPI.

One example for the best practice of a digital IP law firm is shown by Norwegian law firm Onsagers AS with their IP management Content Portal.

Onsagers will support their customers in linking IP to the required innovation all industries are faced with in the decade to come, in order to assist the various industries on their quest for new sustainable solutions and businesses” – says Onsagers CEO, Emil Eike.

Over the past ten years Onsagers has been the locomotive in the IP Management area in Norway and today they are positioned to make a real difference for their customers. I am delighted about our partnership and looking forward to the continued reciprocal process ahead of us” – says Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer.