On Tuesday 13th September the High-growth technology business community (HTBC) initiative organizes the seminar on “Software and patents in medtech: boosting your growth as SME”. The HTBC event is powered by the EPO in cooperation with the CEIPI IP business academy and features experts from both organizations. The seminar is organized online as a mixed event with expert keynote speaches, practical case study presentations and hands-on discussions on the digital transformation in the medical industry. The full time table of the seminar can be accessed here.

The event starts with 3 short keynote speeches by Ilja Rudyk (EPO) about “The IP landscape for medtech start-ups”, by Prof. Alexander Wurzer (CEIPI) about “Strategic IP considerations in medtech – opportunities and challenges” and by Daniel Felix Preller (EPO) about “Software, AI and other beasts – an examiner´s perspective on high-tech patenting in medtech”. The keynotes are then followed up with a case study presentation about Perceive3D by its founder João P. Barreto and José Ricardo Aguilar from Instituto Pedro Nunes. Finally, participants can discuss the presented topics with the speakers.

If you are interested you can still register until 13th September free of charge at this link.