The innovative fire protection systems for lithium battery storages from Stöbich Technology reliably prevent inflammation and contamination of the environment in the event of a cell failure and were awarded the German Innovation Award on May 28, 2019 in Berlin. Current incidents of burning lithium-ion batteries in smartphones, hoverboards, electric vehicles, pedelecs or industrial buildings show the risk of cell fires and violent explosions. The protection system was designed and protected with IP design. The MIPLM case study Stöbich is available here.

The moderator Mitra Nandini led together with the General Manager of the German Design Council Andrej Kupetz through the evening.

On May 28, the German Design Council, which was initiated by the German Bundestag and has been supporting the German industry in increasing their competitiveness for 65 years, presented this year’s German Innovation Awards in Berlin. The winners were celebrated at a festive gala in the German Museum of Technology with guests from business, politics and the media.

This year there were almost 700 international submissions for the German Innovation Award, including industry giants such as Samsung, Bosch, Deutsche Telekom and the Swiss group ABB – as well as hidden champions and start-ups. The focus of the assessment is user-centered – it is about people.

Over 300 well-known companies from different industries use the advantages of membership in the foundation German Design Council (foundation members). They share the great conviction that strong brands and innovative products need a strong design. This is the only way to achieve sustainable profits and conquer new markets.

The German Innovation Award recognizes cross-industry products and solutions that differ from previous solutions primarily in terms of user focus and added value. The German Design Council is convinced that innovations that shape the future and improve life can be found in all industries. At the German Innovation Award, people are the focus. The nominated innovations are intended to influence the future of society. Not only industry giants are addressed, but everyone who contributes to a better future with their innovation. In addition to engineering or technical innovation, services can also generate added value and be awarded. The special feature: the German Design Council promotes the exchange between small and large companies, suppliers and manufacturers as well as potential partners and the public. Here you can get the catalog for the German Innovation Award as a bound, colored hardcover edition with images and short texts on the respective projects.