Many IP experts are using digital communication channels, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, or their webpages for online marketing and business development. The Online Marketing Guides of the 🎯 IP Management Pulse Newsletter are providing you with best practice examples from the global IP community and guides how to improve your online marketing.

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The ⚙️ Online Marketing Guide “Target Groups and Personas” covers the following aspects:

  1. What are Target Groups and Personas?
  2. Why are Personas important for online marketing by IP experts?
  3. What role do personas play in client journeys?
  4. Best practice from working with our partners

The first section gives you an overview on the definitions of target groups and personas as they are used in content marketing. It also gives examples for target groups, which are typical for clients of IP experts, and ways to segment different target groups. Finally, you get a step by step guide how to setup a client persona, which is also explained in detail in the following video:

The second section focusses on the practical use of target groups and personas in online marketing campaigns by IP experts. It provide a perspective on the potential benefits of better resource allocation, personalization, data driven approaches and the creation of competitive advantages, but also discusses risks due to stereotyping.

The third section provides you with on overview on the role of personas in the different stages of a client journey and at different touchpoints. Here, connections are made to other areas of online marketing, such as client journeys and expert branding for IP experts.

Finally, the guide provides you with practical examples how IP experts are successfully targeting specific target groups. The best practice examples in this guide are taken from Dr. Malte Köllner, Maier Fenster, Stephen Carter, Dr. Robert Klinski und Dr. Erica Smith.

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