In today’s fast-paced business environment, it is critical that companies remain innovative and keep up with the latest technologies to stay competitive. A company that has successfully implemented this approach is Connect One, who is presenting their case study at this year’s HTB Forum at the EPO. This blog post is about taking a closer look at this exciting company and their approach to IP, as well as the benefits for both companies and their customers.

The HTB Forum is a yearly event series to raise awareness among business decision makers about the relevance and chances of IP and IP management. The first two installments in 2023 were the Growth financing forum and the Build-to-sell forum. This year’s series will be concluded on 30.11.2023 with the IP strategy and management forum and the case study Connect One in the center. Registration for the event is still possible. The case study will be presented live by the co-founders of Connect One Digital AG, Thomas Nieraad and Carsten Kehrein.

In their presentation, Thomas Nieraad and Carsten Kehrein will explain how the company develops digital solutions for the food and beverage industry, amongst others, that unambiguously connect consumers and businesses through consumer products in real time, and protects it with IP. Using ID-based authorization profiles, everyday objects become multidimensionally configurable and can be connected to any digital service or offering at any time. In this way, different service providers can channel their products via everyday objects (“things”), which users can then access directly, interactively and anonymously. This makes these objects more intelligent and usable, and opens up the way for companies and brands to communicate directly with consumers –  to make an individual offer when it’s needed most, to increase customer loyalty, to deepen customer insights and ultimately to improve business.

More information about Connect One and the cooperation with Rastal

Connect One: This is a pioneer as well as a supplier in the field of digital solutions for the hospitality industry. The company develops innovative technologies that enable restaurateurs to run their businesses more efficiently and improve the customer experience. From ordering and payment systems to guest behavior analytics tools, Connect One offers a comprehensive range of solutions that are transforming the way restaurants and bars operate.

Rastal: This company has stood for tradition and quality for generations, with over 100 years of experience in producing high-quality glassware. Rastal has built a reputation for quality and design, serving a wide range of customers in the hospitality and beverage industries worldwide. From beer glasses to spirit glasses, which are designed exclusively for beverage brands as brand exclusive glasses and protected by IP, Rastal offers a wide range of products that meet the highest standards.

The partnership: The partnership between Rastal and Connect One is an ideal combination of tradition, innovation and the use of synergies. Rastal brings its expertise in manufacturing high-quality glassware, while Connect One provides its expertise in digital solutions. Together, they are working to transform the hospitality and beverage industry, to implement the digital transformation (IoT) and create new opportunities for businesses.

One example of their collaboration is the integration of digital ordering systems into Rastal glasses – the Rastal Smartglasses. This innovative solution allows guests to place their orders directly through the glass, which increases efficiency in the restaurant business and improves the customer experience. In addition, the connection with the Connect One analytics tool enables restaurateurs to gain valuable insights into guest behavior and adjust their operations accordingly.

Benefits for customers and the industry: The partnership between Rastal and Connect One offers a variety of benefits for customers and the entire food and beverage industry. By integrating digital solutions (NFC-Chips) into Rastal products, the Rastal Smartglasses, establishments can operate more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, the analysis of guest behavior enables restaurateurs to adjust their offers in a targeted manner and create personalized experiences.

In addition, the partnership between Rastal and Connect One sets a new standard for innovation in the industry. It shows how traditional companies can expand their business models, leverage their IP and know-how, and tap into new markets by collaborating with technology providers.

Conclusion: With their partnership, Rastal and Connect One have proven that tradition and innovation can go hand in hand. Integrating digital solutions into high-quality glassware opens up new opportunities for the hospitality and beverage industry. Customers benefit from more efficient operations and personalized experiences, while companies increase their competitiveness. This partnership is an example of how businesses can succeed through collaboration, the use of the latest technologies and IP.