The digital transformation affects all parts of the globe in an ever more interconnected world. This is not different for the IP community. Today, trademarks are registered for virtual objects, that only exist in the internet, and patents are protecting inventions using AI and machine-learning. But not only the protected objects change, also the ways IP experts and clients interact changed during the COVID pandemic and became more digital than before. All those topics are discussed at the “IP-dagen” conference on 9th November 2022 in Oslo, which is organized by Innovation Norway.

The conference is opened by a keynote of Prof. Wurzer, CEIPI, and the following topics will be addressed by the various speakers through the day:

  • How the digital transformation impacts industries and the IP profession, and how IP managers and IP service providers are affected
  • Insight into how digital transformation affects different sectors from an IP perspective
  • Understand the new opportunities and challenges that digital transformation brings to the IP profession
  • Digitalization, collaboration and the changing role of IP