The Executive Management Days are dedicated to the methodical development of successful IP strategies for digitized business models. The three-day workshop seminar at the CEIPI – University of Strasbourg, showed on the basis of concrete practical cases from various industries how IP strategies are developed and implemented in operational reality.

From October 19 to 21, 2016, IP managers from European industry met for the first time at the CEIPI in Strasbourg, as part of the Executive IP Management Days, a new series of seminars aimed at IP experts on how to successfully implement IP strategies in times of digital transformation to develop and implement in practice.

The participants were graduates of the MIPLM (the CEIPI master class in IP management) and IP experts who wanted to find out more about the possibilities of methodical strategy development for digitized business models. On the basis of successful practical cases from the Vorwerk Thermomix kitchen appliance to WILO circulation pumps and ABUS Home Security, the participants were able to actively develop strategic IP questions themselves using clearly structured tools. With the 4P-Design® and its tools, prohibition positions can be built up in the perceived customer benefit and thus price-relevant, exclusive service offers can be protected against the competition. By integrating the 4P-Design® toolbox into the innovation process, defensible business models can be built in times of digitization and global competition.

Some voices from the participants:

“Putting back IP strategy in close relation with the business model of the company. Starting from the methodology and define how IP can deliver exclusivity for customer benefit.” Patrice Monain, Global Head, AVP, Generic Medicines Patents, Sanofi Generics

“The course provides you with some new tools and insights for you daily IP management work.” Hans Stryckers, IP-Manager, Agfa Graphics

“The business aspects are explained very well. This enables IP attorneys to apply a different way of thinking.” Le Chen, European Patent Attorney, ABB Switzerland

The course will take place again in autumn 2017 at the CEIPI in Strasbourg.