The second issue of the new next Industry magazine is all about big data. Where does data generate the greatest benefit? Which markets and competitive developments are emerging? The articles revolve around this question along the digital transformation processes in the industry. Under the title 360° market and technology analysis with big data, the IPlytics CEO Dr. Tim Pohlmann explains how intelligent analysis can be used to clarify and forecast technological developments.

New software-controlled big data algorithms make it possible to forecast technology and market trends in a more targeted manner so as not to miss the development of new technologies and emerging markets. Companies are facing the challenge of digitalizing business processes and thus include big data software in decision-making. However, the knowledge advantage necessary for reliable forecasts requires sensory skills on the part of the company as well as modern data analysis methods in order to be able to perceive the first signs of competition-relevant changes in the market segments. Since important information about technology trends and / or new market fields is hidden in a multitude of inhomogeneous data sources, integrating this knowledge into the value creation process of innovative development projects is often too time-consuming and too costly. At the same time, technologies are becoming increasingly complex, networked, and convergent, especially in interdisciplinary fields of application such as Industry 4.0.

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