When it comes to innovation in the healthcare education field, one company stands as a beacon of excellence, driven not only by its commitment to saving lives but also by its strategic approach to intellectual property (IP) management.

Laerdal Medical, founded on the Norwegian innovation spirit, has transcended traditional boundaries, leading Science with its high-fidelity training solutions globally. However, what sets Laerdal apart is not just its innovative products, but its proactive and holistic approach to IP strategy, which has become ingrained in every facet of its operations.

The company’s IP journey began with a focus on securing patents. However, recognizing the shifting paradigms of technology and business, the company has evolved its IP strategy to seamlessly integrate with product development, prioritizing quality and uniqueness. The strategic filing strategy, meticulously evaluating when and where to file for IP protection to support and enable the attainment of business goals, underscores Laerdal’s commitment to maximizing the value of its innovations.

As the healthcare landscape at large embraces digital transformation, Laerdal Medical recognizes the criticality of controlling IP throughout the value chain. By prioritizing IP control in areas closer to the customer and use cases, the company not only gains a competitive edge but also fosters stronger customer relationships. This approach, centered around the specific business model, places innovation and collaboration at the forefront, positioning IP as a valuable tool rather than merely a legal safeguard.

As mentioned above, Laerdal’s IP strategy transcends conventional notions, reflecting its core mission of saving lives. Being a market leader, the company utilizes IP to maintain its position, protect its brands, gain competitive advantages, erect barriers to entry, deter copycat products, and navigate IP-related disputes. However, at its essence, Laerdal Medical is not an IP company; it is in the business of saving lives, with IP serving as a means to this noble end.

Central to Laerdal’s IP success is its robust internal framework for IP management, aligning with established standards and best practices. By integrating IP activities with business objectives and market dynamics, Laerdal maximizes the impact of its IP assets, driving business success and making a tangible difference in healthcare education worldwide.

In conclusion, Laerdal Medical’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of strategic IP management. By intertwining innovation, collaboration, and strategic vision, Laerdal not only safeguards its innovations but also catalyzes positive change in the healthcare ecosystem. As the company continues to evolve, its commitment to leveraging IP as a strategic tool reaffirms its position as a global leader in medical innovation and lifesaving solutions.

This case study, co-authored by Felipe Aguilera-Børresen, Senior Adviser IPR at Innovation Norway, and Maria Boicova-Wynants, Partner at Starks IP Law firm and Founding Partner at Wynants & Co Strategic IP Solutions, serves as a testament to the immense potential of IP when integrated seamlessly with business strategy and decision-making, inspiring IP professionals worldwide to embrace a holistic approach to IP management and drive meaningful impact in their respective industries.