The Certified University Course in IP Strategy Development at the University of Strasbourg, CEIPI, starts on 15th of September. The Course is provided through one of the most advanced distance learning platforms worldwide. Participants are flexible in their education. Learning without time pressure, as well as with a job and family are possible. From the consistent glossary to examples, the certificate provides a comprehensive perspective on every topic, but also an up to date overview on modern IP Management. The students benefit from a long-standing teaching practice in IP-Management which has been established at CEIPI since 2005. Information about the registration for this and other Certified University Courses can be found here.

In modern IP management the development of IP strategies for a company becomes more and more important. Through the digitalization business ecosystems are transforming and new threats from new competitors are emerging. When you want to tackle the digital transformation and create exclusivities with IP in your company, you need to develop a good IP strategy. In this course you learn how to do it. Here is an example lecture of the development of digital business models with the help of IP management:

Successful graduates of this certificate course are able to independently develop coherent and convincing IP strategies and present them to the top management. Strategic options can be visualized and communicated through the use of practical tools. The interdisciplinary implementation of IP strategies is possible with the motivation of all stakeholders of the IP management. The graduates are constructive and creative companions for successful innovation projects.

The university certificate IP strategy comprises issues like:

  • How to define your IP strategy to align with the business strategy
  • Strategic IP Management – file only what is worth filing
  • Market-driven Approaches for Optimizing Value-based IP Management – An Industry-Specific Use-Case
  • Protecting digital business solutions like apps, use cases, business models
  • How can I use patent information as a building block of my IP strategy?
  • How will third party IP influence my strategy and how can I find IP, especially patent information?

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