In November 2020, the worldwide ambassador program in IP management was launched by the IP Business Academy. The IP Business Academy gathers all academic IP management education at CEIPI and runs different communication platforms like a blog, a LinkedIn profile, a case study download center and others to improve the global understanding of the economic use of IP. The ambassador program aims for the connection of students in IP management and international experts in the various areas of IP management, such as IP strategy, IP valuation, IP and innovation management, IP and organization, IP and leadership, and quality in IP management. The ambassadors are also experts about the most urgent topics in IP, such as IP and AI, IP and the development of business eco-systems, and IP in digitalization and industry 4.0. The ambassador program also helps to foster the exchange between European and international experts and informs about the local differences in the IP management practice all around the globe.

The ambassadors connect with the students, alumni, and the interested public via LinkedIn in IP business talks, which are organized every Wednesday live on LinkedIn. The recordings of the live events can also be accessed later after registration to the free events. Some examples of these Live talks with ambassadors are:

Raymond Hegarty (Ireland) on 18.11.2020

As the World’s top IP coach, Raymond Hegarty coaches C-suite executives of growth-stage technology and life science companies on how to build intangible value and mitigate IP risks to scaling. For six years, he was Vice President of Global Licensing for Intellectual Ventures, where he managed a portfolio of 40,000 patents. Prior to that, Mr Hegarty built IP-intensive businesses in Japan, Ireland, and Luxembourg, developed teams and implemented processes and systems for IP exploitation. He has closed billions of dollars of patent and trademark transactions. Mr Hegarty is the author of two bestselling books on IP strategy – Billion Dollar IP Strategy (2019) and Intellectual Property for Executives (2018) – and co-author of the chapter on IP transfer pricing in Tolley’s Transfer Pricing Risks Post-BEPS. He has served as an expert advisor to the European Commission, the OECD, and policymakers in several countries on national and international innovation and intangible taxation strategies. Mr Hegarty is a regular conference speaker and is connected to the global professional IP community. He has been recognized by IAM Magazine every year since 2011 as one of The World’s Top 300 IP Strategists.

Watch the video at the event page of the IP business academy.

Dr. Malte Köllner (Germany) on 25.11.2020

Dr. Malte Köllner, from Köllner & Partner, is a German and European Patent Attorney as well as Trademark and Design Attorney. In 2019 he was ranked in the category “Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz (Industrial Property)” as being one of Germany’s Best Lawyers for the fifth consecutive year by the German business newspaper “Handelsblatt”. He was also recognized as Germany’s most influential patent attorney. Dr. Malte Köllner holds a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and a diploma in Physics from the University of Heidelberg. His areas of expertise include physics, physical chemistry, optics, lasers, biotechnology, medical devices, and software. With a vast experience in the field of Intellectual Property, Dr. Malte Köllner is also the editor-in-chief of the German journal for patent law “Mitteilungen der Deutschen Patentanwälte” and a lecturer at various conferences and universities. Dr. Malte Köllner has authored a handbook on the Patent Cooperation Treaty as well as numerous publications on the economic and legal side of the IP system. His notable achievements in the IP area have listed him, year after year, as one of the world’s leading lawyers and IP strategists. Dr. Malte Köllner regularly presents current trends and developments in the IP industry in his lectures. Dr. Malte Köllner developed several legal services such as Flat Fee Prosecution and made a fundamental contribution to the area of patent valuation.

Watch the video at the event page of the IP business academy.

Shourabh Banerjee (India) on 02.12.2020

Shourabh Banerjee, leading the Strategic IP Consulting Practice at IIPRD, one of India’s fastest growing full service IPR Law firms, and a sister concern to the K&K IP Attorneys. With astounding Consulting credentials across diverse technical sectors ranging from IT Services/ Energy/ Manufacturing/ Life Sciences/ Retail/ Electronics/Electrical/Mechanical/ Pharma/ IOT/ AI and more across Europe/ USA/ Africa and Asia for public and Private entities and Corporate alike. His collated experience in multiple sectors for Patent/ Trademark, Copyrights, Anti Competition, and other faculties of IP Laws have ensured seamless consulting services to clients in India and overseas for over 4 years. Post Thesis completion with University of Sunderland (London), on ‘Value of Patent Licensing in Wireless Communication Industry’, he is taken on the mantle of counseling Patent Attorneys, Counsels for Litigation, Prosecution, Research, Analytics, Commercialization Support Matters. To his credit, he currently is a contributor to the IP Journal (IP-Think Tank), (West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences) WBNUJS, Kolkata, India. An avid Legal, Technology and IPR Enthusiast, with experience of over a decade in Business Consulting for various Service Industries including PR (Films and Entertainment), Customer Advisory in 3 Global Services, HR Training, Recruitment Solutions, Shourabh carries Diverse experience in the Service Industry also keen on pursuing Academic research in Trademark/ Copyrights/ Anti Competition Laws. He is an ardent History, Travel, Sports, Art and Music enthusiast and spares time for them as frequently as possible!

Watch the video at the event page of the IP business academy.