Deutsche Telekom AG was founded in 1995 and privatized in 1996 as successor of the German state-owned monopoly federal Post. Today it is the largest telecommunications provider in Europe with a revenue of €101 billion in 2020 and more than 200.000 employees worldwide. Since 2014 their corporate strategy is to become the leading European Telco provider. This leadership position is claimed in three dimensions, namely in customer experience, technology, and business productivity. Today, not only for technology leadership, but also for the leadership in customer experience and UX an integration of patent- and IP-management is crucial for the successful digital product development process and designing of digital experiences. Below is the full presentation by Prof. Wurzer at Deutsche Telekom AG from May, 18th 2021.

In the modern digital world, the importance of telecommunications is drastically increasing by its role as a key enabling technology. It supports the convergence of multiple previously separated technologies and industries into completely new digital business eco-systems. One example is the smart home, where today entertainment technologies, like home audio and video systems, home security systems, smart meters to optimize energy consumption and also home appliances are digitally connected, monitored and controlled within a network.

To foster innovation and to develop new visions of the digital future of such business eco-systems, with a specific focus on the customer and user experience, Deutsche Telekom AG has also established its Telekom Design Gallery at the Bonn headquarter. It is a forum and platform to connect all business areas, partners and customers. There, Deutsche Telekom AG shares its visions of the connected home, future personalized shopping scenarios, the smart production in manufacturing and the smart city. They also present methods and tools how innovative and customer centric digital solutions can be developed with partners and customers for those new business eco-system. Please have a look at the introduction video to the smart city at the Telekom Design Gallery.

Smart City – Deutsche Telekom AG from UX Design Awards on Vimeo.

Here is also the full presentation by Prof. Wurzer at Deutsche Telekom AG from May, 18th 2021.