With businesses now digitalizing almost all of their operations, it’s safe to say that the field of logistics cannot stay behind! Today the terms fleet management and modern delivery technologies go hand-in-hand. As complex as it may sound, any organization that requires commercial vehicles to carry out day-to-day operations requires an efficient system to manage the fleet. That is where fleet management comes into the picture. How to protect such digital fleet management solutions with IP-design was the topic of a training by Prof. Wurzer at DKV mobility.

What is fleet management?

Fleet management is a practice that allows organizations to manage and coordinate delivery vehicles to achieve optimum efficiency and reduce costs. It is an administrative approach that allows companies to organize and coordinate work vehicles with the aim to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and provide compliance with government regulations. While most commonly used for vehicle tracking, fleet management includes following and recording mechanical diagnostics and driver behavior.

Fleet management is used by couriers, oil and gas delivery, utilities, repair and service industry businesses to ensure responsible vehicle use, confirm safety and enable real-time tracking. Although commonly associated with delivery cars and trucks, the boating industry uses fleet management technology as well.

Vendors offer many fleet management technologies. Vehicles use telematics like GPS for reliable global automatic vehicle location (AVL) detection, though some use GLONASS or less expensive cellular triangulation in remote and less-traveled areas.

The practice of fleet management is used not just for vehicles but also to monitor and record couriers and delivery personnel. It requires a system of technologies that make it easier for the fleet manager to coordinate the activities – right from fuel management to planning the routes – that can be easily managed using fleet management software.

Fleet management software acts as the central point to monitor otherwise time-consuming processes on a real-time basis, and thus acts as a critical component in making efficient business decisions.

DKV Mobility

The company has a history of almost 90 years successful purpose-driven growth, constantly adapting products and business models to evolving customer needs. Servicing around 314,000 active customers in more than 50 service countries across Europe with around 2,200 employees, DKV Mobility is a leading B2B platform for on-the-road payments and solutions. They offer access to the largest energy-agnostic acceptance network in Europe, including fuel service stations, public and semi-public EV charge points and alternative fuel service stations. Their suppliers, on the other hand, benefit from the broad customer base using products provided by DKV Mobility.

The purpose

A company’s purpose is bigger than its products and services. It is the reason for which something is done or created, the reason for its very existence. The purpose of DKV Mobility reflects their corporate DNA and addresses the “Why” behind their work.

Since day one, DKV Mobility has always been a purpose-driven company, always in motion. Mobility, the industry and the backbone of the economy, is changing. As a market leader, the responsibility of DKV is to be a driving force of this transition. During this transition, the customers need such a company more than ever. With access, technology, finance and trust they represent a reliable partner, guiding them towards a more efficient future. And by taking this road they create positive sustainable change to keep our planet Earth green and turning.

For almost 90 years, they have pioneered products and services to make mobility more efficient, seamless, and convenient. The Fischer family, majority owner and active shareholder of DKV Mobility, for three generations, focuses on sustainable value creation, profitable growth and competitiveness, all with a long-term perspective.

IP-Design for fleet management

DKV Mobility and InNuce Solutions offer their customers in the DACH region with more than 100 vehicles a fleet management tool called FleetScape IP that enables efficient fleet management. The cloud-based software optimizes fleet management processes by offering intelligent functions such as vehicle and driver management, entry of receipts, document management, and reminders for important obligations such as driver’s license checks and fine notices.

Through comprehensive reports and integrated interfaces to lessors and damage managers, FleetScape IP helps users cut costs and identify potential savings. The system can be expanded at any time with additional modules such as the vehicle configurator, vehicle tender comparison and damage processing, making it the ideal solution for all fleet management requirements.

What customers gain:

  • Clarity: All master and transaction data is managed centrally in one system and all parties involved work together on one platform.
  • Safety: All holder’s liability tasks are supported and necessary checks and completed tasks are documented.
  • Profitability: All fleet-related costs can be recorded, allocated and evaluated, all outliers are systematically disclosed to the user.
  • Sustainability: All vehicles and drive types can be managed, all data for an ecologically and economically sustainable fleet can be evaluated.

Fleet management software from experts for experts means:

  • Around-the-clock access to all fleet data for any number of users
  • Independent work from any location, even in a home office
  • All-inclusive package with hosting in Germany or the EU, license, updates and support
  • No additional installations required
  • Import of documents from various leasing companies
  • Interfaces to driver license verification systems and driver instruction systems
  • Easy processing of fines notices
  • Claims management and interfaces to claims service providers
  • Customizable fleet management reporting with subscription
  • CO2 evaluation, leasing liabilities according to IFRS16 and imputed income at the push of a button
  • Electronic lease tendering and multi-bidding (Premium)
  • Vehicle call-off by driver based on car policy with electronic approval process (Premium)

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