Elmos Semiconductor SE is a German manufacturer of semiconductor products founded in 1984 in Dortmund. It is the the world leader in mixed-signal integrated circuit solutions and develops, produces, and sells application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) primarily for use in cars. Elmos has a long tradition in providing innovative solutions and today addresses the current megatrends in the automotive industry, like autonomous driving, but also e-mobility and CO2-reduction. As a supplier to the German and global car industry, high quality IP management according to the DIN 77006 standard is critical to reduce IP risks in the final products. This was the topic of the training by Prof. Wurzer, CEIPI.

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That the automotive industry is especially exposed to IP risks due to the digital transformation was shown in many spectacular cases of the last years, like Nokia vs Daimler or Broadcom vs Volkswagen. Therefore, every company from the supplier to the manufacturer needs to make their IP management homework and minimize IP risks. Today, this can be achieved by the DIN 77006 standard in Germany or the international ISO 56005 standard. More about the best practice of patent protection for digital solutions according to DIN77006 can be learned in the regular CEIPI webinars on IP-Management. The Development of ASICs and the role of IP is also a case study in the CEIPI MIPLM master class, which starts every year in January. Here is a short introduction, what ASICs are:

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The training slides presented by Prof. Wurzer at Elmos can be viewed here: