Job descriptions and career opportunities in IP management evolve rapidly and are becoming increasingly diverse and demanding. With the increasing complexity of IP and the need for new business models in changing markets, there is a growing need for IP managers who understand the role of IP within the scope of the digital transformation of business models and Industry 4.0 services.

The CEIPI Master’s program in IP Management is a well-established opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge for these challenges. The graduate school at Germany’s oldest innovation award, the Dieselmedaille, offers additional opportunities such as a part-time PhD program in IP Management. Together with industrial players, candidates are trained on a wide range of current challenges. PhD topics of IP managers range from digital patents and big data-based business models to the protection of brand experiences and patent valuation under FRAND conditions.

In the light of the sustainable trends of globalization, the digital transformation of value chains and business models, and the developments related to Industry 4.0, intangible assets are constantly gaining in importance. Job descriptions and fields of activity of IP managers have been evolving for about ten years now and vary significantly across industrial environments. The IP manager role is interesting for creative minds who do not think in terms of traditional job descriptions and role models. More than ever, companies must focus on market challenges and innovation, and especially on knowledge-based resources. Therefore, IP managers are critical factors for business success. The Career in IP management page on this blog outlines the different opportunities of becoming an IP manager, including first-hand insights of experienced IP managers.

New IP management job offer from Viessmann within the scope of a joint program with the Dieselmedaille graduate school and the MIPLM.