Since 2018 I3PM supports the European Patent Office in the non-academic training in the area of IP Management. The cooperation started with the creation of three asynchronous courses about IP strategy, IP evaluation and protection and IP value extraction and commercialisation, which are still offered in the e-learning programs of the European Patent Academy of the European Patent Office. In September 2023 this cooperation was extended with the introduction of synchronous teaching workshops in the framework of the High-growth technology business initiative supported by the EPO. In the workshops expert lecturers and tutors from I3PM helped students to better understand the key concepts of IP strategy and supported them in solving IP management case studies. The first event was organized between 12.09.2023 and 4.10.2023 about the topic of IP strategy.

Content of the workshop

Participants learned about different IP strategies and how to apply them to maximise the value of IP assets. The course focused on value-based strategies that are integrated into the company’s business strategy. Through case studies, participants learned about the five generic IP strategies used in different industries and how to develop a comprehensive 360° IP strategy that aligns with their company’s business model. Below you find the presented slides:

Feedback for the event

Dr. Dominique Christ, speaker and I3PM committee chair

“The materials of the IP Business Academy were invaluable in the preparation of the course. The slides already contained a lot of the key information to bring across, and therefore served as a great visual underlying for the course. The videos and materials helped specifically to make the academic concepts more vivid by adding concrete use cases and real-life examples. Both teachers and lecturers will certainly benefit from the materials. This is one of the most comprehensive collection of business-relevant IP information, which helps to promote this relevant topic for the global economy by showing the application to some of the most complex business problems we have.”

Dr. Claas Gerding-Reimers, tutor and I3PM committee chair

“It was a privilege to serve as expert mentor within the course. Witnessing the growth of each participant in thinking about business focussed IP strategy was truly rewarding. This course serves as a remarkable opportunity for IP leaders and patent attorneys, offering them valuable insights and building a solid step-stone on the journey to navigate the intricate landscape of business focussed IP strategies with confidence.“

 Dr. Owais H. Shaikh, tutor and I3PM committee chair

“This EPO course was a great experience. It differed from other courses where I am a mentor in its emphasis on live lectures as well as enhanced and continuous interaction of the participants between themselves as well as with the mentor. The course content is more structured and current as compared to others. The EPO Moodle also contains important learning material specially helpful as after the course for the participants. Lastly, the EPO courses address topics that are not usually discussed in the field of IP, specially the practical insights on IP management.”

 Participants feedback