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The ⚙️ Online Marketing Guide “Customer Journey for IP Experts” covers the following aspects:

  1. What is a Customer Journey?
  2. Why are customer journeys important for online marketing by IP experts?
  3. What role do personas play in customer journeys?
  4. How do you build a customer journey as an IP expert?
  5. Best practice from working with our partners

The first section gives you an overview on the various stages of a typical customer journey and a guide how to map a client journey as an IP expert or law firm. Additionally, the differences to the concept of the sales funnel compared to the client journey are pointed out. Finally, the client journey concept is brought into the bigger perspective of content marketing. The second section focusses on the benefits, which IP experts have by using customer journeys for their online marketing activities. The third section explains the role of client personas in the creation of client journeys and how to define them in an individual case is explained in the fourth section. Please have a look at the following video for a practical walkthrough:

Finally, the guide provides you with practical examples how IP experts are successfully creating effective client journeys. The best practice examples in this guide are taken from Martin Wilming and Maria Boicova-Wynants.

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