GEA is one of the largest technology suppliers for food processing and for a wide range of other industries. The global group focuses on technologies, components and sustainable solutions for sophisticated production processes in diverse end-user markets. The company, with more than 18.000 employees and around 5 Billion in revenues, is heading into digitalization with IP-Design and modern IP-Management approaches. Below is the full presentation by Prof. Wurzer at GEA from May, 22th 2019.

GEA’s business model focuses on creating customer value. Through this service-oriented approach, the company constantly works to ensure that customers have operations data and information at their fingertips; the production support processes are fully digital and interconnected, and the advanced data analytics tools create transparency and allow customers to improve their plants and processing lines, supported by virtual simulation solutions. For producers this means maximum flexibility along the supply chain, more efficient production, and reduced levels of tied-up capital. For decades, GEA customers in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as in food production, have come to expect a high degree of automation, due solely to the requirement for batch traceability. The innovation lies in the seamless process integration into the higher-level control system – despite very different operating philosophies. Depending on plant complexity, the cost of internal project planning and commissioning is often still a significant cost factor for users.

GEA presents its GEMS automation system, and thus reshapes its Filling and Packaging machinery to adapt to the current trend of smart technology. This is the so-called Industry 4.0, commonly referred to as the fourth Industrial Revolution. From Big Data Analysis to Preventive maintenance: GEA has developed multidirectional communication between production processes, product and components. GEA is working for a complete integration and interconnection between machines, factory and every day mobile technology.

On May, 22th 2019, Prof. Wurzer presented IP-Design at GEA for creating, developing and protecting digital business models within Industry 4.0 solutions. The session was headed by Mrs. Karin Nordstrom Dyvelkov, Head of IP, GEA AG. Here is the full presentation: