Together with the Japan Patent Office (JPO), the Master Program for Intellectual Property Law and Management (MIPLM) developed teaching material on the issue of IP strategies and M&A.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) means transactions where companies or other business organizations change their ownership. M&A is a part of the strategic management toolbox. It allows TOP management to grow, to enter new markets, to change the business field and the competitive position. Insofar, IP is a key asset and aspect within strategically M&A reasoning. The size of global M&A market is around US$3.9 trillion in announced volumes, in line with 2016 as the third best year on record. For 2017 J.P. Morgan gives a global overview here.

The teaching material is available through the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and consists content about:

  • Business Models and IP
  • IP based Trend Analyses and Technology Analysis
  • Valuation of IP in M&A Deals

Here you can watch the teaching video through the JPO Channel: The ways of IP strategy in technology sourcing and M&A