This conference, jointly held by European Patent Office (EPO) and the Licensing Executives Society (LESI) provided a platform for high-growth technology enterprises and others in their innovation ecosystem to learn about business strategy and IP management on 4th to 5th of November 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. An international team of experienced practitioners were sharing best practices to leverage especially patents for business success. A panel discussion was dedicated on IP management challenges due to digital transformation of businesses under the headline “IP management framework for successful implementation”: How can you grow with the digital challenge to achieve operational and strategic excellence? This plenary session looked at how to assess new risk exposure for digital business models, develop legally defensible positions in new business eco-systems, and set up a successful IP management framework.

Three presentation where given and discussed:

Dr. Bernd Burchard, Vice president IP management at Elmos Semiconductor, responsible for all aspects of IP management at Elmos Group. Member of the working committee in the German Institut for Standardization DIN for quality in intellectual property management NA 159-01.27 AA. Dr. Burchard is also a high-tech start-up founder. He has also invented multiple break-through products and has a proven track record as an innovation leader.

Title of Bernd Burchard’s presentation: Why do we need IP quality management?


Martin Salzburger, LL.M. (MIPLM) IP portfolio manager at Airbus, expert for IP risk management and IP compliance. Martin has a senior role leading the economic exploitation of IP at Airbus. He also has extensive experience in the automotive industry and previously held several positions at Daimler and Volkswagen

Title of Martin Salzburger’s presentation: IP-risks a part of corporate compliance for industry 4.0.


Dr. Uwe Stilkenböhmer, Partner, Eisenführ Speiser
Dr. Stilkenböhmer has 20 years of experience as a European patent attorney. Specialising in chemistry and life sciences, he has also prepared IP professionals for the European Qualifying Examination as a CEIPI tutor since 2006.

Title of Uwe Stilkenböhmer’s presentation: IP management framework for successful implementation – IP design.

Moderator of the discussion was:

Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer
Prof. Wurzer is director of IP management studies at CEIPI, University of Strasbourg. He is managing partner at Wurzer & Kollegen, a consulting firm specializing in strategic IP management. He is also chair of the German standardization committees for quality in IP management and patent valuation.