With the defences of the Master theses and Diploma projects in September and October 2023 a successful academic year ended and a new one is about to start. In the last year 22 Master students and 11 Diploma students as well as participants in the various Certificate courses in IP Management graduated in the IP Management training programs at CEIPI. The different courses are targeted to different levels of expertise in IP management and tailored to prepare for different roles in companies and law firms.

Especially, the Diploma and Certificate courses in IP Management are targeted to upskill future IP responsible persons in companies, who do not have any legal background, but should coordinate IP questions either between departments or with IP experts. Upskilling is a trend more and more important in the digital transformation, which will not go away soon. E.g. IBM claims that the introduction of AI will require the upskilling of 40% of the workforce within the next 3 years. And the OECD Employment Outlook 2023 estimates that even 60-71% of employees need to be retrained depending on the occupation. To meet this demand of new training in companies the courses were created purely in distance learning, so that study can be self-paced and that it can be taken along the job. Additionally, the program is modular, so that single modules can be taken, if only specific tasks need to be learned by an employee.

Here you can find the description of the diploma project by Zeina Dagher: Porter’s Five Forces and Nespresso – IP Business Academy

And here you can find interviews with our Certificate graduates Daniel Vasconcelos and Kevin Garwood about how they profited from the courses in their positions and a student statement by this years diploma graduate Giorgio Quaranta:

Additionally to the relatively new distance learning courses, also the 17th Master course in IP law and management came to and end with the thesis defences in September. This year 5 of the 22 participants decided to also write a Master thesis and investigate the following topics:

  • IP Strategies for Banks and FinTech Companies
  • The impact of Trade Compliance Laws on the IP strategy of a company in the pump and compressor industry
  • Digital Brand Management – Protection of Brand interactions
  • NFT – trademarks in the wine industry
  • Developing a Quantitative Framework for Measuring IP Strategy of Potential Investment Companies and Risk for Investors

Please find the presentation by Lionel Parisot on NFT – trademarks in the wine industry:

And here you can find the feedback of some of this year’s MIPLM students:

Elisa Buoso:

“This course not only gathers enthusiastic IP professionals from all over the world, but also provides high standard lectures. Moreover, the different background of different participants and the high level of specialization can trigger curiosity  in order to explore new paths in the IP field.”

Thorsten Dierkes:

“The MIPLM course offered by CEIPI stands out for its unique ability to meet the needs of IP professionals, especially in this fast changing environment. It provides comprehensive in-depth training that encompasses international cooperation, bridges legal and management aspects, fosters network synergies and gives insight into emerging concepts such as artificial intelligence. One of the core strengths of the course is the holistic approach to IP which incorporates vital management principles to get a comprehensive understanding of the strategic, operational and financial aspect of IP.”

Nina Petkovska:

“MIPLM was an inspiring and mind-opening educational journey. It redefines the conventional wisdom around IP management, replacing the traditional portfolio approach with a new and transformative perspective that aligns with the dynamic business environment. Combining inspiring lectures with real-world case studies and excellent networking opportunities, it’s an invaluable investment for anyone seeking a progressive approach to IP management.”

Ewan Van Minnebruggen:

“This Master course offers a very broad perspective on IP Management and IP Law. The high quality content lays a solid foundation for IP managers and the lectures are brought by top experts. I also very much appreciated the international networking opportunities the program had to offer.”