Rittal is implementing its Industry 4.0 strategy for the Smart Factory through the collection, communication and analysis of data in Siemens MindSphere and through the cloud-based data analytics application from IBM: Watson IoT. The Smart Factory Showcase was published in the MIPLM case study Rittal in 2017. Rittal is now showing how the I4.0 strategy is implemented in practice using the example of predictive maintenance. MindSphere is used in the networked Blue e+ cooling devices to perform data analysis. In addition, new business model approaches for services related to the maintenance and repair of cooling devices are possible. Here, you can find a presentation on Smart Services with Siemens MindSphere and Rittal IoT products:

For Siemens, MindSphere is the central software platform that connects machines in industry and is of crucial importance for the company’s digitalization strategy. MindSphere is to connect machines, devices and systems across the various sectors and industries and make the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) a reality. Through an alliance of important industrial companies from the electrical industry as well as mechanical and plant engineering such as Rittal, Festo, Kuka, Schmalz, Eisenmann, Trumpf, Chiron and Weinig in the MindSphere World, the platform is intended to open up wide areas of application. MindSphere is intended as an open ecosystem for product manufacturers, app developers, system integrators, technology manufacturers, software companies, interface developers and plant manufacturers.