At the Rudolf Diesel reception on the occasion of the award of the Rudolf diesel medals on April 7, 2017, Microsoft presented the HoloLens, the next generation of the human-machine interface. The participants were able to immerse themselves in the world of mixed reality. The Microsoft HoloLens enables a natural user interface to be displayed with interactive 3D projections in the naturally perceived environment.

The projections are holograms and can be displayed without a smartphone or additional computer only using the computing power in the glasses. The HoloLens is operated using gestures, speech and head movements, which looks very natural, with a little getting used to.

With the new visualization tool from Microsoft, virtual objects can be “placed” three-dimensionally in the real environment. Anyone who wears the HoloLens can observe the object from their perspective. Bertrand’s engineering experts use the HoloLens in vehicle development to visualize complex vehicle concepts using 3D models and to digitally assemble complete vehicles.

In the foyer of Microsoft’s new Germany headquarters in Munich Schwabing, the guests were introduced to a new type of office workstation. Digitalization is also finding its way into the working world at the desk. Established concepts are changed and the way we organize work is turned upside down in order to get emancipation and more freedom. Not only mobile working and home office are normal these days, people also work in cafes and co-working spaces. This is no longer only the life of digital nomads and self-employed. Collaboration, creative contributions and interdisciplinarity count today – this must also be enabled by the office workplaces. The participants of the Rudolf Diesel reception were able to experience this in the Microsoft offices.

The Head of Digital Solutions at Microsoft Andre Kiehne, the CFO of Bertrand Markus Ruf and the spokesman for the Diesel Board of Trustees Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer hosted the evening.




Dr. Markus Beukenberg, CTO – Member of the Executive Board of WILO SE learning the flower gesture to open the start menu of the HoloLens


Technology for networked assistance systems and autonomous driving were also presented


The invited guests were amazed at the technologies presented for human-machine interaction of the future


The awarding of the Rudolf diesel medal 2017 was cheerfully celebrated until late in the evening