Innovation projects are becoming more and more complex in this time of digital transformation. Also, the role of IP and IP managers within the projects becomes more important. More about the role of the product and the IP manager can be learned in the Certificate course on “Integrated IP and Innovation Management” at CEIPI. The next course starts on 15.09.2020.

The role of the product manager is the role of a mediator between different parts of an organization, like marketing managers, project managers and other stakeholders, e.g. the IP department. It is a fully interdisciplinary job combining the duties of product planning, designing, and bringing the products to the market. So, the product manager must have a good understanding of technology, business tasks and customers.


The role of IP within the product development process is its creative usage to develop exclusivity for features, customer benefits and other aspects to gain profits from innovation. IP management leads to higher returns through innovation instead of just filing patents for inventions. When IP is integrated in marketing and product management, the legally enforceable exclusivities can be communicated and can create a sustainable brand loyalty.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a skilled IP manager taking part in the whole innovation process. The role of the IP manager as an influencer within the IP design process was researched in the master’s thesis by Denis-Robin Cvetkovic, Intellectual Property Manager at Umdasch Group Ventures GmbH.

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