The Erwin Hymer Group is a leading producer of premium recreational vehicles with around a quarter of the European market share in motorhomes, camper vans and caravans. Additionally to the vehicle producers also accessory specialists and rental and financing services are part of the group. With 7.350 employees it made a yearly revenue of 2.2 billion €. The vision of the Erwin Hymer group is to create individual recreational experiences for their customers with their vehicles and fitting complementary services. This development from a manufacturer of vehicles to a full service provider in the smart mobility eco-system is a success story of innovation and a leading example how a company can master the digital transformation. This success in new digital business models is always accompanied with a smart IP strategy. The IP-design approach for digital solutions, such as apps, was also the topic of a training by Prof. Wurzer at Erwin Hymer Group at May, 21st 2021. Please find below the full presentation.

The digital transformation is changing every aspect of our daily lives and does not stop at the motorhome industry. This general trend in the automotive sector is also called smart mobility and is based on the increased connectivity through digitalization. Vehicles are now becoming parts of the internet of things and are communicating with each other and other connected devices.

This enables also the integration of apps in vehicles to improve the driving experience, e.g. Google maps can be used to support the driver in navigating to an unknown site, Spotify can provide a tailored playlists for reducing stress while driving and unlimited other helpful digital applications may be conceivable in the future.

The Erwin Hymer Group is leading the way in innovative app solutions for the motorhome industry with their HYMER Connect App, which won the 2021 German Innovation Award in Gold. The app gives users access to all vehicle’s functions including the functions in the living area. This way it combines the advantages of the smart car and the smart home. It helps you to prepare the vehicle for the trip and guides you through all maintenance duties. Once at the camping site it can also be used to control the motorhome remotely like a smart home. For example, while you are hiking in the area and preparing the return to the motorhome, you can remotely switch on the heating and prepare the vehicle for your return. More features of the app can be viewed in the following movie:

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The training slides by Prof. Wurzer at Erwin Hymer Group about IP-design approach for digital solutions, can be viewed here: