Where we come from?

The IP Business Academy is the blog of the IP management education at CEIPI. The IP Business Academy was founded in 2019 with the vision to be platform for IP knowledge and to have a positive impact on global innovation systems. It was founded on the one hand on the initiative of the Diesel Board of Trustees which is a union of European medium-sized companies, funding amongst others research measures on innovation. On the other hand, it originated from the European Center for Studies of Intellectual Property (CEIPI), which is the central research center for IP in Europe. These two institutions have been working together for years and, among other things, collaborate in the graduate school in IP management together. Our mission is giving access to IP management knowledge worldwide and improving the economic use and benefit of IP through innovation and progress.

Our focus in digital transformation and IP

The developments in the field of digitization, the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 also affect the conditions and challenges of corporate IP management. In addition, the role of industry boundaries is steadily decreasing, and new business eco-systems are emerging under keywords such as: Smart city, smart farming, digital health, smart manufacturing etc.

The complexity of IP management is continously increasing. This leads to increasing pressure on the necessary resources for IP management and professionalization. The IP business academy is dedicate to the questions of the requirements for IP management and appropriate IP strategies in times of the digital transformation, as well as their organizational implementation in companies as part of qualtity and compliance management.

What we are doing?

The IP business academy as a platform sees itself as a mediator between IP experts and knowledge brokers on the one hand and companies and national IP and Innovation hubs. If you company needs support in questions of modern IP management or if your institution requires speakers with IP expertise, you will find the necessary knowledge partners here. The knowledge from university practice at CEIPI, as well as form external experts, is bundeld here and organized for your needs. As an expert, you have the opportunity to spread your knowledge and become part of the platform. The state-of-the-art IP knowledge is disseminated worldwide via new digital channels, in webinars, via LinkedIn or on this webpage. Our experts ensure that the knowledge is conveyed precisely.