Rehau is one of the leading premium brands for polymer-based solutions in the construction, automotive and industrial sectors with more than 20.000 employees worldwide. Their passion is to push the boundaries of what is possible every day to promote a sustainable future. At the same time, strong corporate values ​​shape their work, culture and behaviors. Their goal is “Engineering progress. Enhancing lives.”: To improve life through the use of innovative technologies. REHAU sees itself as a responsible family owned business that feels committed to integrity in business transactions and sustainability. They also expect their partners in the supply chain to share their values ​​and principles. This also includes the compliance to the current standards in IP management, like the DIN 77006 and ISO 56005, to support their innovation and sustainability goals. How to implement those standards in IP management with IP-design in the digital age, was the topic of a training by Prof. Wurzer at Rehau at 12.12.2022.

As digital technologies transform many aspects of our lives, the need for new environments in which we can work and play effectively has grown. To live up to their promise of “Engineering progress. Enhancing lives.” Rehau wants to invent today what the customers will need tomorrow.  Circular economy, climate-neutral energy supply, promotion of diversity are their central topics on the way to even more sustainability. For REHAU this is the only way to be permanently successful – with the certainty of preserving the quality of life on the planet for present and future generations. And also their customers demand  optimal solutions to the rapidly evolving challenges they face. Examples are self-ventilating windows and touch-controlled alarms enabling new forms of living and a sustainable future.

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Rehau employs highly-skilled professionals with a broad set of experience that helps to translate shifting customer needs into exciting new products. They anticipate new trends across many markets and react to sudden changes in an agile way. And to take in account different angles, they also collaborate with an inspiring network of partners and across different international markets. All those new digital approaches to create IP protectable solutions with partners, with a focus on the customers and in an agile way are only possible in an organization, which applies modern IP-design.

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