At least one third of all inventions are digital, according to data from the European Patent Office. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to learn how to patent these kinds of digital business objects from use cases, user and customer journeys to apps and digital business models. Especially SMEs and start-ups can increase their competitiveness with the use of apps and IP protected business models. The best practice from the European industry is presented by Prof. Dr. Alexander Wurzer, CEIPI University of Strasbourg, in a webinar hosted by University College Dublin (Nova UCD) on Friday 05.06 13:00-16:00 Irish time. The discussed case study is about individualized mineral water and the German innovation award winner 2020 LUQEL.

LUQEL revolutionized the way people drink water, thanks to sustainable products that individually adapt to the digital lifestyle and requirements of each person – with fascinatingly precise and user-friendly technology and design. The LUQEL digital eco system consist of a water station, a smart bottle, and an app. With the LUQEL Water Balancer App, users can create their individual water recipes at home, mobile or in the office.



The webinar shows examples of IP-Design from the app to the business model. If you have a legally enforceable exclusivity for customer benefits in your own range of services, premium prices can be implemented, and market positions can be designed in digital business models. Knowledge of the best practice in IP protection is the secret of success for SMEs and start-ups. We show practice-oriented methods and tools to extend and secure the technical advantage over the competition in the long term with apps and other digital solutions.

App-based solutions offer many advantages: As a marketing, service or sales tool to an efficiency-enhancing application to optimize productivity, profitability, image and, above all, communication with partners and customers. These includes to:

  • offer new products and services
  • strengthen customer loyalty,
  • get and give quick feedback
  • provide an individualized service,
  • give more specific advice,
  • optimize the quality,
  • improve internal and external communication,
  • achieve greater flexibility,
  • and save time and increase efficiency.

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