RainTunes is designed to create a holistic showering experience. It is focusing on the individual needs of human beings and its mood. Hansgrohe developed the product with experts from different fields to create digital showering scenarios which are balanced and aligned with individual everyday life. It is developed with agile methodology and IP design along the hole innovation process. Hansgrohe has launched RainTunes with seven shower scenarios where water, video, sound, light and aroma are combined in harmony. RainTunes transforms showering into an occasional spa treat or a blissful sleep aid.

Phoenix Design was a part of the development team. Phoenix Design is one of the most renowned design houses in Europe. Since its foundation in 1987, well over 700 international design awards have been won. Phoenix designs its design as an interaction: between product and user, between brand and consumer, between designers and clients. In the movie, the agile innovation process for RainTunes is shown.

In its 118-year history, Hansgrohe has continuously proven that innovation is a key driver or the company’s success story. At the 2019 ISH fair, the Black Forest manufacturer of faucets, showers, and shower systems has first time presented the results of the newly aligned Innovation Department. In the following movie, Steffen Erath, head of innovation at Hansgrohe is presenting his innovation lab.

Here you can find the IP design case study for RainTunes together with Hansgrohe and Phoenix Design: Digitizing of a brand steeped in tradition. This case study was presented first time at Spring CTO Forum 2019 by Frank Schnatz board member Hansgrohe, Steffen Erath, head of innovation Hansgrohe and Matthias Oesterle, design business manager at Phoenix Design: The fourth state of water.