Speakers from Google, Philips, BASF, ABB, Air Liquide, WIPO, Universities of Gothenbourg, Boulder Colorado, Washington, Lausanne, Bordeaux, Paris and Surrey will present insights to the digital transformation and its consequences to the  management of IP.

Taking place on May 4th in Strasbourg, this international conference is dealing with topics spanning from Cyber Physical Systems, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics to new business models and digital services. How will this approach change the IP management reality in companies and drive the need for new IP strategies?

The conference is structured in three different Panels
  • Panel 1: The Digital Transformation – from freedom to operate to risk management
  • Panel 2: Big Data – ownership and use in the digital age
  • Panel 3: Patentability of technical software solutions and the exploitation

This conference is jointly organized by CEIPI, BETA, I3PM at Maison des Sciences de l’Homme – Alsace (MISHA).model for digital innovation


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