Digitalization is a game-changer in each and every industry and agriculture is no exception. The approach for Agriculture 4.0 is identical to that of Industry 4.0, where the aim is to intelligently connect production processes and control them based on real customer needs and market interests. This has strong consequences for IP and especially patent strategies of affected enterprises. So, an analysis of the current best practice in the industry is vital to understand the role of IP in Agriculture 4.0. This was the topic of the webinar hosted by INAPI on 03.12.2020. The webinar in English was the second in a cooperation between INAPI and the IP Management education at CEIPI.

In the webinar, the successful methods of IP-Management and IP-Design were demonstrated using best practice examples from leading companies in Agriculture 4.0 such as John Deere and Claas. Participants from all over Chile registered for the webinar to learn more about the modern practices of IP management and received an overview of the state of IP Management in Agriculture 4.0. Lecturer was Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer, Professor of IP Management at CEIPI, University of Strasbourg, and Head of the IP Management Education.

Here you can watch the first webinar session of the cooperation in IP management between CEIPI and INAPI:

Please find additional videos and links to the topics of the second webinar here:

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