During the 28th and 30th of April LES international and the EPO organize a mixed in-person and live streaming conference in Singapore. It is part of the High-growth technology Business Conference series by LESI and the EPO, which was kicked off in 2019 in Dublin, where amongst others the current practice of IP design was presented.

The conference teaches the participants on site and worldwide the skills, which are necessary to use IP and other intangible assets for business success. It helps to connect the learnings from the European and Asian business practice, communicate the current IP management knowledge and connects experts and students worldwide to learn from each other. This is also the mission of the ambassador program of the IP business academy, in which Prof. Wurzer regularly interviews international experts about the current practice in IP management. He is also one of the speakers in the plenary on IP management framework for successful implementation.

The event is split into three days with workshops, lectures and plenary sessions about IP and business. It covers topics from transaction-based growth management to IP management framework for successful implementation. The full schedule can be accessed here and registration is also still possible.