Many IP experts are using digital communication channels, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, or their webpages for online marketing and business development. The Online Marketing Guides of the 🎯 IP Management Pulse Newsletter are providing you with best practice examples from the global IP community and guides how to improve your online marketing.

The 🎯 IP Management Pulse summarizes the latest developments in global IP/IP management every 14 days. It includes the most important LinkedIn posts, IP experts who are worth following, deep dives into individual topics, online event information and an online learning nugget on IP management.

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The ⚙️ Online Marketing Guide “Content Marketing” covers the following aspects:

  1. What is content marketing for IP experts?
  2. What are the success factors of content marketing for IP experts?
  3. Step by Step: How does content marketing work for me?
  4. Best practice from working with our partners

The first section gives you an overview on the components of content marketing from the perspective of an IP expert. Content marketing is a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, ultimately driving profitable customer action. In the context of expert branding, content marketing plays a crucial role in establishing thought leadership, building credibility, and positioning an individual or organization as an authority within their industry or field of expertise.

The second section focusses on the success factors, which make a content marketing campaign successful, such as understanding and targeting the right audience, developing a clear and strategic content plan, producing high-quality and relevant content, leveraging data and analytics, adapting to trends and technological advances, building credibility and trust, and engaging with the audience.

The third section provides you then with a step by step instruction, how you can plan and design your own content marketing campaign. Here, you are also provided with helpful tools, such as the attribution hexagon for IP experts with KPIs, which you can utilize to tailor a content marketing strategy for your individual case.

Finally, the guide provides you with practical examples how IP experts are implementing successful content marketing strategies via LinkedIn, Spotify, Blogs, Podcasts, and webpages. The best practice examples in this guide are taken from Bastian Best, Maria Boicova-Wynants, Stephen Carter, and Alexander Weir.

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