In a current job posting, Rittal is looking for a referent (m / f) for IP strategy and IP management. The focus is on the continuous development and management of a group-wide, cross-departmental IP strategy process to protect innovation and the support of the company’s digital transformation in individual innovation projects.

Rittal, one of the world’s leading system providers for control cabinet technology, power distribution systems, system air conditioning, IT infrastructure and software and service in switchgear construction, is exemplary in the consistent implementation of Industry 4.0 approaches and, thanks to its IP strategy, has a central position in the control and switchgear construction 4.0 (case study on the Rittal IP strategy).

For example, with the networked Blue e + cooling devices, Rittal is showing how Industry 4.0 is implemented together with Siemens MindSphere and IBM Watson (Rittal is implementing Industry 4.0). The CTO, Dr. Thomas Steffen, also reported on the role of Rittal as an industry pioneer in the concrete implementation of the digital transformation in April at the CTO spring forum of the Diesel Board of Trustees at the headquarters of the Fraunhofer Society (Rittal reports on Industry 4.0 strategy).

This job advertisement includes the task of the group-wide implementation and standard-compliant application of DIN77006 for quality in IP management and describes the career paths in IP management that the digital transformation opens up for experts in the economic handling of IP.

You can find the job posting here