A new Certified University Course about “IP in the Industry 4.0” starts on 15th of September 2020 at the University of Strasbourg, CEIPI. The enrollment for the course is already open. The Course is provided through one of the most advanced distance learning platforms worldwide. Participants are flexible in their education. Learning without time pressure, as well as with a job and family are possible. The students benefit from a long-standing teaching practice in IP-Management which has been established at CEIPI since 2005. Information about the registration for this and other Certified University Courses can be found here.

Target group and topics:

You are responsible for IP in a startup or a company focusing the challenges of digitalization? Then this Certified University Course will help you to understand the most common pitfalls in the digital transformation and IP and help you to make your company future proof.

The digitalization is challenging for all traditional industries and no industry is safe from the disruptive powers. Here, you can learn the basic concepts of digital business models to construct your own from scratch. If you already found your digital business model you can learn how to use intellectual property (IP) to protect and exclusify your business model, customer journey or value-creation architecture. This is done with digital patents, which have a systematic taxonomy that can also be learned in the course. With this knowledge you are well prepared to tackle the IP risks in digitally transforming business ecosystems.

Structure of the distance learning course:

The distance learning course is offered via the Moodle platform. It consists of 10 parts with 6 chapters each and the teaching language is English. The learning effort requires a total of 15 hours. The material of the course consists of instructional films, lecture manuscripts, glossaries, and additional teaching materials. The certificate exam is taken as a multiple-choice test. The entire program can be completed in distance learning, which allows maximum spatial and temporal flexibility.

Example of a lecture video:


The university certificate on IP and the Industry 4.0 comprises topics like:

  • Protection of IoT, AI and blockchain solution in the industry
  • 5G as enabler for IoT: understanding the interplay of IP and telecommunication
  • AI in IP and protection of data driven business models
  • Licensing in IT in times of Open Source and in an IoT world
  • Internet of Things – Challenges for IP and Best Practices to Achieve a Sustainable Eco-System Position
  • Digitalization and IP Management – A Practical Approach to the Digital Transformation


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