On November 25, 2019, the start of the new webinar series on the MIPLM’s industry case studies in IP design took place. The great popularity of the webinar series and the MIPLM case studies confirms that this contemporary way of conveying knowledge in distance learning, conveniently from the office or from home, takes into account the modern demands of living and working. The topic of IP design and the case study Umdasch Group Ventures marked the start of the webinar series.

The case deals with digitization in the construction industry, especially in concrete construction. Umdasch Venture deals with industrialization approaches along the entire life cycle of construction projects. In particular, the business models possible through digitization and their protection through digital patents can be traced in a particularly transparent manner using this case.

Some of the participants’ comments on the first webinar:

“Thank you for the dense content – sometimes it was quite complex for the length of the webinar and very demanding for someone who is not that familiar with the topic. I look forward to more webinars on IP design from other industries and from other companies.”

For us in practice, it is always interesting how the IP design cases are approached and how, for example, patent claims are formulated. “

“Since I had difficulties getting started, I was unfortunately only able to follow half the webinar. The content is interesting and very relevant to me and the day before was very clear. Unfortunately for me it’s difficult for the reasons mentioned above. It would be nice if there were such webinars on the topic of digital more often. Also on other topics such as AI, big data, databases, etc. “

The next webinar will be held in January 2020.