Through the digital transformation the complexity in the field of IP and innovation becomes higher and higher. This is due to rising rates of patent applications and increased competition in new digital technologies by companies from global innovation hubs like the Silicon Valley or Shenzhen. This causes also for SMEs new challenges in the areas of compliance, governance and risk management which must be tackled with best practice IP management and the implementation of an IP management system within the innovation system of a company. Two standards which define IP management requirements in a company are the DIN 77006 standard, which is a German standard for quality in IP management, and the ISO56005 standard for innovation management. On Wednesday 24.03.2020 from 10.30 to 12.00 pm (CET) the webinar by the EU IPR helpdesk and CEIPI in English shows with the help of European industry case studies the industry practice of standard compliant IP management: “IP and Standards”.

Practically, IP management according to the DIN 77006 standard can be integrated into a company along the existing management systems of a company, like safety and environmental standards since it is part of the DIN ISO 9001 family. This means that the integration of the standard must be done different for every organization depending on its individual structure. Nevertheless, some points must be addressed in every organization, this includes the promotion of an IP culture, provision of sufficient resources, the introduction of an IP policy that is consistent with the overall strategic goals and the integration of IP processes. For the integration of IP into innovation management according to ISO56005 similar requirements exist. Here, IP management needs to be included in the processes “Identify opportunities”, “Create concepts”, “Validate concepts”, “Develop solutions”, and “Deploy solutions” based on the individual needs of the organization.

Source: ISO 56005:2020(en) Innovation management — Tools and methods for intellectual property management — Guidance

Learning Objectives
After the training, participants should have a better understanding of the following:

  • What are the basic principles of standard compliant IP management?
  • How can a standard compliant IP management look like for digital companies?
  • How can a standard compliant management of IP risks look like in the digital era?
  • How can IP processes in a company be improved based on the PDCA cycle described in the standard?